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Professional Reviews and a few words of thanks from "Gift of Heritage" customers:

Take your family on an incredible journey into the past to meet their ancestors face to face and learn about their lives and experiences! Here are a few comments "Gift of Heritage" has received over the years.

Professional Reviews

This video will be helpful for beginning genealogists as well as advanced researchers who wish to create a permanent record of their work...Strongly recommended for genealogy/local-history collections and large, general-interest collections.
I sat fascinated throughout the entire [Aasen-Johnson Family Story]...and admit to having been deeply moved. Mary Lou Peterson...has become a bona-fide expert on the subject of family-tree videos. Gift of Heritage [is] extremely helpful.
Bonnie-Jane Mason / Camcorder & Computer Video Magazine
There are useful pointers. The practical information given here...will be invaluable for family historians.
Candace Smith / BOOKLIST
The narrator, an inspired amateur named Mary Lou Peterson, shows how to document the history of an extended family...she explains various approaches to telling the family story in a engaging manner.
There's nothing like a video presentation to bring a family history to life. All it really takes is patience, organization and some basic production skills. An experienced guide like Mary Lou Peterson [in] Gift of Heritage doesn't hurt either. She covers it all, from family-free research to sound effects...a successful effort.
Lorin Alldrin / VIDEOMAKER
It guides the video-oriented, modern historian through steps such as contacting family members, organizing materials in an interesting way yet incorporating all the facts, and even incorporating music to heighten emotional impact.
Anyone considering making his or her own family-history video should take advantage of Mary Lou Peterson's lesson.
Andi McKenna / REUNIONS Magazine
I was impressed by both the quality of the video and the amount of information it provides. Although she claims to be a video novice, Mary Lou Peterson is one producer who's doing things better than some who call themselves video professionals.
Barbara A. Besteni / VIDEOFILE
Mary Lou Peterson's video is well worth watching. It'll make you want to [produce] your own, and it will convince you that you can do it at a reasonable cost.
Charles Kempthorne / LIFESTORY
Customers Thank You's :
Thank you for the good quality video...You certainly boosted my enthusiasm for making family videos
M. D. / Mount Vernon, Ohio
Thanks for the fine job you have done...and the fun some of us are having following your lead.
W. M. M. / Austin, Texas
I am writing to thank you for making the tape on Gift of Heritage. It has helped us a great deal.
N. C. / West Haven, Connecticut
Thank you for all your hard work in making this video and sharing it with people like me who are also interested in this subject. Keep up the good work.
R. R. / Green Bay, Wisconsin

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