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About Mary Lou Peterson

Mary Lou Peterson resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She and her late husband Steve shared a blended family consisting of five children and ten grandchildren. After 34 years with AT&T, Mary Lou retired in June 1998 to follow her dream to inspire and teach others how to preserve family history and memories.

Mary Lou received one of five National Recognition Awards for "Gift of Heritage"(R). Her video encourages the preservation of family memories and history. This award was presented by the CREATIVE THINKING ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA(TM) at its annual award ceremony held on November 7, 1992.

The concept for "Gift of Heritage" originated with a personal project several years ago. Mary Lou decided to commit her family's genealogy, history, stories, and old photographs to video. The project mushroomed and soon she was incorporating titles to identify the photographs, and dubbing in background music, sound effects and narration to help tell the story of her ancestors leaving Norway and settling in the Midwest.

The end result was a documentary that brought her family tree to life! It was shared and appreciated by all current generations of her immediate and extended family at its monumental 50th reunion. Many members of her family told her that they felt they had taken a journey back in time, and met their ancestors face to face, and learned about their lives and experiences. Many relatives requested copies of the video to hand down to future generations. What a gift of their heritage!

To contact Mary Lou call: 6127269432 or Email; marylou@giftofheritage.com


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